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Curbless Shower Base & Drain Systems by Encompass | FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What configurations do you offer?

What is the strainer made of?

What sizes do you make?

Is the surface slippery when wet?

How do I order a base?

Technical Questions

Where is the drain opening located on the linear drain channel and can it be moved?

Do I have to move the drain?

How do I connect the drain to the base?

What backer board thickness is used between the shower base and the 2 x 4 studs?

How much water can the Linear Drain handle?

Do I need a floor backer board under the base?

Does the shower base flush out with standard floor tile?

Can I keep my existing floor tile?

Installation Questions

How do I install a base?

Installation Info

Need specific information about installing Encompass Shower Bases? We provide detailed specifications and installation information for you or your contractor. Simply contact us or call.

Tech Specs

Still Have Questions?

Do you have a question we did not address in our FAQs? Please take a moment to contact us and submit a question. We will answer your question promptly.

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