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What Our Clients are Saying

I needed a large "5 wall" design (door near center of one wall) and Mike Sander was a gem to work with. He promptly quoted exactly what I needed and was able to deliver in just a few weeks. Slight problem with FedEx shipping was resolved very quickly with Mikes personal involvement. I would never do a shower without using zero threshold and would never do another shower without buying form Mike and Encompass. I am a detailed type of person (engineer) and am willing to pay a bit more to get perfection. And I certainly got this with Mike and his team.

Peter Strong

Our plans for finishing our basement included a full bathroom. A friend referred me to this local outfit who offer a one-piece Corian (not plastic or fiberglass) base which they customized to my exact needs and had it ready within a couple days! Our bathroom has tile floors ... there is virtually no lip to step over. Several guests have LOVED it!

Keith Wiig

I ordered and had a contractor install a very large 3-wall shower base with linear drain. It went in fairly easily and is so nice to have no grout seams and the corian material. It does not drain as quickly as I anticipated, however, I still love it and recommend it. The wide range of colors available is another plus.

Valerie Schulte