Custom Shower Base Installation

Master the installation of your Encompass Shower Base. Learn essential tips and techniques to ensure a seamless fit and leak-proof finish. Our detailed instructions cover everything from prep work to final touches, making DIY installation simple and efficient. Perfect for homeowners and professionals alike.

Installation Video
We build your shower base to fit the "rough-in" dimensions of your shower area. The shower base will sit on the floor from stud-to-stud, so we need to know these dimensions. If you aren't sure of your exact rough-in dimensions, please input the approximate dimensions of your shower area.
Our patented linear drain is built into the Encompass Shower Base. The drain output is always located along the front "entry side" of the shower. Most existing drains can be easily relocated to accommodate the Encompass Shower Base. If your drain output cannot be relocated, we will not be able to help you with a custom shower base.
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