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Three Wall – Standard Sizes


Measurements are taken from rough-in dimensions (wall stud-to-wall stud), NOT ACTUAL shower base dimensions. Each standard size shower base is built to be ¼” less in WIDTH and ⅛” less in DEPTH for ease of installation.

Example: The actual size of a 36″ x 36″ shower base will be 35-¾” in WIDTH and 35-⅞ in DEPTH.

Questions about these product specs? View our product specs guide

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*If interested in a DuPont Corian color not listed here, contact us about special order colors

Open Up the Design Potential with Our 3 Wall Shower Base

Release the potential of your bathroom with our open-front, 3-wall shower base. Ideal for replacing simple tub and shower units, our 3-wall base has a front linear drain for even, consistent drainage and an elegant, curbless entry.

  • Has three water sealed side walls
  • Front linear drain extends the entire width of the shower base
  • Has built in 2 % slope from the rear to the front of the drain entry area
  • Verify that drain center location will not interfere with floor joist before ordering
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Create and order a custom-sized 3-wall base to fit your vision and space. Where else can you custom size a shower base to increase the size of your shower footprint in meaningful ways?

Encompass Three Wall Shower Base Features and Design

If your bathroom has a shower nook with three walls and you’re looking for a modern way to make the most of your space, you’re going to love our three wall curbless shower base, featuring three water sealed side walls and a curbless entry that enhances safety and visual appeal.  Whether your home has children, pets, seniors, or anyone with physical disabilities that make stepping over a curb a risky activity, Encompass zero entry shower bases are an ideal upgrade to bathrooms.


Customizing the Perfect Three Side Shower for Your Space

Encompass is pleased to offer three side shower bases in a variety of standard sizes, ranging from 36”x34” up to 72”x42”, with options for both square and rectangular configurations.  However, we also offer opportunities to customize both shapes and sizes (up to 95” wide by 60” deep).  If, for example, your available space is wider at the rear of the shower than the front, we can accommodate with a custom fit, at additional cost.


Benefits of a Three Wall Curbless Shower Base

There’s no denying that an Encompass three side shower delivers incomparable benefits, both practical and aesthetic.  The curbless entry, single-slope design, and Corian surface make for a safe and functional shower that is ADA compliant.  In addition, the linear drain eliminates the threat of standing water, while the one-piece, waterproof design means there’s no ugly grout to clean.

Non-porous Corian is resistant to microbes and staining, and it’s easy to clean, so you can kiss long hours scrubbing tile and grout goodbye.  Encompass shower bases install quickly (4x faster than other products) and they’re made to last for decades with minimal maintenance, saving you time and money.

Of course, these products also make for a beautiful addition to any bathroom, with a seamless, open-concept entry that delivers the modern appeal you crave.  With options to customize color, size, and even shape, you’ll enjoy the perfect fit and the opportunity to get creative with dozens of possible color choices.  If you want a modern shower that updates the look of your home and adds outstanding function, safety, and value, a three wall Encompass shower base is the ideal solution.

Configure Your Custom Base

Follow the guided order configuration process to design, customize, and get a quote for the shower base that will become the focal point of your bathroom.  Get started today with rough in measurements and after the shower area is demolished to the studs, precise measurements will be required prior to final pricing and ordering.

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