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Four Wall


Measurements are taken from rough-in dimensions, NOT ACTUAL shower base dimensions. Shower bases are built to be ¼” less than rough-in dimensions for ease of installation.

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Bring elegance and utility to your bathroom with a custom base for showers with a partial front wall and door layout. Whether you’re planning on a full-wall or partial with glass, our base gives you the flexibility to create a shower that opens up the design possibilities for your space.

  • Has four water sealed walls and an apron on front door access area
  • Linear drain extends the entire width of the base including rear of front wall
  • It is recommended that front wall be built after the base is installed
  • This base works well when sized properly for those who choose to not use a door
  • This base requires a custom quote request, call or email request
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A Four Wall Curbless Entry Shower Base That is One-of-a-Kind

The bathroom is an important room in the home and at Encompass Shower Bases, we see the potential for functionality and elegance in every space. Our modern designs and innovative styles make the showers we install as safe as they are efficient, no matter what our customer needs may be.

Since 2015, the team at Encompass Shower Bases has been pairing modern shower base designs with styles that make safety and elegant aesthetics equal priorities. While all of our shower base models elevate the home experience, the four wall curbless shower base is in a class of its own.


The Many Benefits of a Four Wall Curbless Shower

Remodeling a bathroom can seem daunting, but for those who select a four wall curbless shower to update their space, the process is refreshingly simple. These shower bases can easily take the place of existing showers and tubs while simultaneously giving the bathroom a more modern and elegant vibe.

Four wall curbless showers bring a sleek and clean look to any space while enhancing the floorplan through a space-saving design that is easy to clean. These shower bases make safety a priority in households that host children, those aging in place or residents in need of adaptive design.

The simple installation of a four wall curbless shower can empower our customers to continue living at home as they age. Additionally, this feature has the ability to boost a home’s resale value when residents are looking to put it on the market in the future.


Partner with the Professionals at Encompass Shower Bases

When you are ready to upgrade your shower and are looking to pair up with the best in the business, the team at Encompass Shower Bases is here to help. Our installation expertise and ability to customize any curbless entry shower has long made us a trusted partner for our customers.

Beyond installation, our team is committed to providing our customers with superior customer service standards every step of the way. We pair quality products with a genuine interest in helping our customers tailor their bathrooms to their needs.


Our custom front wall shower floor is often paired with a tub or vanity perpendicular to the shower to create a truly unique feel that’s as easy to use and it is beautiful. The front linear drain extends over the entire width of the base and has a front apron if a door is used at the access area. Adding a seat at the far end of the shower is an added detail for comfort and ease of use.

Configure Your Custom Base

Follow the guided order configuration process to design, customize, and get a quote for the shower base that will become the focal point of your bathroom.  Get started today with rough in measurements and after the shower area is demolished to the studs, precise measurements will be required prior to final pricing and ordering.

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