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Measurements are taken from rough-in dimensions, NOT ACTUAL shower base dimensions. Shower bases are built to be ¼” less in WIDTH and 1/8” less in DEPTH for ease of installation.

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Create an Open-Format Bathroom with our unique Partial Glass Wall Shower Floor

Complement a 3-wall shower configuration with a partial side wall of glass and create a unique open-format appeal with this innovative and sophisticated design. Our partial glass ledge base will incorporate a partial glass side wall to your shower, adjacent to the shower door or front glass panel without the need for a half wall.

  • Partial Glass side can be on left or right side
  • Designed for a front glass panel to transition to top center of ledge then second glass panel returns on center to partial rear side wall
  • Drain is centered between side wall of base to inside portion of the base glass ledge
  • Verify that base drain center location will not interfere with floor joist before ordering. Base drain can be moved left or right of center, specify when ordering
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Our Partial Glass ledge base has one short partial ledge for glass on either right or left side that in turn, intersects to a partial third short side wall. This creates another unique and innovative focal point for your bathroom.

2 reviews for Partial Glass Wall

  1. Keith Wiig

    Our plans for finishing our basement included a full bathroom. A friend referred me to this local outfit who offer a one-piece Corian (not plastic or fiberglass) base which they customized to my exact needs and had it ready within a couple days! Our bathroom has tile floors … there is virtually no lip to step over. Several guests have LOVED it!

  2. Nelson

    Last May my wife fell breaking her right shoulder, and was having some other aging issues, this prompted me to proceed with a bath renovation.
    Early on I decided I wanted a true zero thresh hold shower. I reviewed countless web pages of shower pans, but kept returning to the Encompass site, and finally called them. I spoke with Mike Sander, and he convinced me that he could supply what I was looking for. However his product is a premium one, and not inexpensive. I did some more comparisons, and after talking with Mike again, decided his approach was what I was looking for.
    Mike guided me through the process of getting precise measurements, and going over exactly what I wanted to do. He made several good suggestions and my order was placed. The shower pan came, packed very securely in a custom pallet, designed to withstand about anything you might imagine happening in shipment. My contractor took a look at it and said it looked great, but he was concerned with the installation, the directions were detailed and the install was as easy as promised.
    I took my first shower last week in our renovated bathroom and the shower pan is beautiful, no slipping, the water drains great.
    Would I recommend the Encompass shower pan. You bet!!
    I researched and purchased all the new equipment for my contractor and ran the gamment of good experiences to some pretty bad.
    But among a very few exceptional
    Ones, Mike and Encompass are at or near the top.
    Thanks Mike

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Partial Glass Side Wall Curbless Shower Features and Design

The wonderful thing about modern curbless showers from Encompass Shower Bases is that they can work in virtually any bathroom space, accommodate different wall configurations, and provide the seamless, open-concept look you love.  Whether you’re seeking space-saving solutions for a tiny three-quarter bathroom or you want to get rid of an outdated tub and replace it with an expansive, spa-like shower stall, you’ll find the features that best suit your space when you choose a zero-entry shower.


Customizing Your Partial Glass Side Wall Shower

Some shower stalls come only in a handful of standard sizes, leaving many contractors and homeowners struggling to find a base that will fit their past shower opening, or to fit a new large area that is not a standard size. Very few curbless bases can be customized, but only for an outrageous sum.  At Encompass Shower Bases, we proudly offer the custom sizing options that ensure your partial glass side wall curbless shower base perfectly fits your space and your design plan.


Why Choose Encompass Shower Bases?

There are plenty of benefits to recommend the partial glass side wall curbless shower base from Encompass Shower Bases, but in addition to a convenience, safety, beauty, and nearly endless options for customization, you’ll enjoy expert installation that takes a fraction of the time other shower stalls demand.  In just hours your shower could be ready to go.  When you pair quality products with exceptional customer service, you’ll see why so many homeowners and contractors are choosing Encompass Shower Bases.


Configure Your Custom Base

Follow the guided order configuration process to design, customize, and get a quote for the shower base that will become the focal point of your bathroom.  Get started today with rough in measurements and after the shower area is demolished to the studs, precise measurements will be required prior to final pricing and ordering.

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