Inspired by the look and spirit of modern design, we created an innovative flat shower base that brings simple elegance to today’s open-format bathrooms. We craft each base with a built-in linear drain to create single-slope, waterproof, inspector-approved shower floors. Below you will find examples of our work that will give you the next big idea for your project.




A: Yes, we offer three different configurations:

  • The standard 3W (3 Wall) model has front linear drain for three-wall showers.
  • The GL (Glass Side Ledge Left or Right) model is for a two-wall shower. It includes a ledge on either the right or left side to which a glass panel can be placed.
  • The PGL (Partial Glass Ledge Left or Right) model is for a Partial depth wall on left or right side of base with a Partial ledge to accept a glass side on the base.
  • The FW (Front Wall Left or right) model is for a shower that has a partial fourth front wall with access to the shower either to the right or left of the front wall.

A: The Strainer is made of 304 stainless steel. It is very durable, removes easily to clean, and will not rust.

A: The Encompass shower base is designed with an Industry standard, 2% gradual slope, from the rear to the front drain area of the base. Corian material has been tested by the material’s manufacturer and has passed Coefficient of Friction testing under ASTM C1028 for wet conditions. The Encompass base has also been tested by the Home Innovation Research Labs, previously NAHB, and has passed shower base coefficient of friction slip requirements, ASTM F462, for shower floors. As with any shower environment, the shower floors need to be rinsed and cleaned regularly as any build-up of “soap scum”, or excessive use of soap, can create a slip hazard. Refer to our Maintenance Guide for more information.

A: No, Currently we do not charge extra for custom-sized bases.

A: The majority of Encompass bases are either a square or rectangle, although we can make some modifications to the rear of the bases by clipping the left or right corners with different angles if needed. This does add some additional costs for customization and lead times may be longer.

A: Because there are other shower related materials and components within our shower base not directly associated with the Corian material itself, DuPont cannot offer their standard Warranty for this typeof product. Encompass Shower Bases, however, include a residential 3-year warranty or commercial 1-year warranty from the time of purchase of the base. Please refer to our written Limited Warranty for additional details.


A: We manufacture the bases from Corian Solid Surface material. Corian is a non-porous material that is stain resistant, easy to clean, and has been used for countertops, as well as shower bases and shower walls, for years.

A: Although we make an array of Industry Standard square and rectangular sizes, we can also make any “custom size” in both depth and width. The majority of the Bases we currently sell are manufactured in custom sizes, allowing them to fit any rough opening without the need to modify any walls to fit the base.

A: Yes and No, depending upon the location of the old drain, P-Trap, and new drain location. Sometimes, the current drain can be extended to the front drain output of the new Encompass Base. More often, your current drain/P-Trap will need to be moved to the front linear drain opening. Our Installation instructions will guide the installer, step by step, through the drain move process.

A: The drain output is located in the exact center of the front linear drain channel. The drain output can be moved to the right or left from center along the drain channel but cannot be moved toward the rear or the sides of the base. A move or adjustment away from center is infrequently done to avoid a particular obstruction during a drain move and MUST BE REQUESTED PRIOR to ordering the base.

A: The amount of water a shower base can handle is typically controlled by the size of the Drain pipe connected to the Base. Most homes will have a 2 inch PVC or ABS drain pipe which will handle five (5) GPM (Gallons of water per minute of drain capacity). Determine the total GPM capacity of both the shower head(s) and of the body sprayers are that you want to use and determine that they do not exceed 5 GPM in total. If you want a shower that will handle more than 5 GPM, you will not only have to add an additional drain to your primary one, but you may also have to increase your water feed to the shower from a ½ inch Pipe (typical in most homes) to a ¾ inch pipe.


A: We provide a step by step Installation Guide for Contractors or capable Homeowners to use to install the base. Although many homeowners have installed the bases, we suggest Homeowners review the written Installation guide to determine comfortability with doing the installation or would prefer to seek the help of a Professional.

A: If you have access to the drain from the underside, it can be easily connected using the “No Hub” connector supplied with each base. If you Do Not have access from the underside, the Install Guidelines will instruct you in how to connect during the drain move portion so that you can do the connection from the front area of the base using the same No Hub connector provided.

A: The Encompass Shower base has ½ inch thick vertical sides. The backer board material that you use should be ½ inch thick and should be installed to flush out with the top of the Encompass base’s ½ inch thick vertical sides. Some area of your rough-in walls may require some “shimming” to allow the backer board to flush out with the base’s ½” thick vertical sides. The joint between the backer board and the base should be silicone caulked to seal it.

A: Yes, the Encompass Base is designed to flush out with a finished combination of ¼ inch or ½ inch backer boards. With the appropriate size selection of backer board and tile you can easily achieve a ¾ to 7/8 inch finished floor on top of your subfloor that will flush out with the Encompass base. There is a 3/16 inch high, smooth radius “bump” on the top front edge of the base that retains the water that comes off the inside of the glass door of the shower. This bump is also used to meet ADA wheelchair access guidelines.

A: No. Although this is usually required on “poured” cement “tile in” bases, the Encompass base is a unique one-piece base that installs directly on the top of the subfloor. Only a ¾” thick narrow portion of the base linear drain body drops into the subfloor, but it never penetrates or requires the cutting or lower of joists.

A: It is not necessary to put any backer board under the base. The base is designed to set directly onto a solid, level subfloor. The floor that interfaces to the front of the base should have a combination of backer board, tile, or other floor material with a total finished thickness of ¾” to 7/8”. This will allow the front of the base to be very close to flush with the finished floor.

A: Yes. If you have easy access to the shower base plumbing from below it to do the connection, you can install the base with your tile floor in place. Once the old base is removed, the new base should be measured to come out to the existing tile, or, if you were increasing the depth of the shower, the tile should be cut to extend it forward. If you do not have access from under the base, some of the tiles in front of the base would have to be removed to allow access to connect the shower drain output to your plumbing. Then, the tile would be reinstalled.

A: With the 2% slope of the base, it is superior to have the door swing out. The door can swing in, but depending upon the width of the door, it will eventually hit the floor of the base.The first 6 inches of the base from the front is flat. With a typical door width of 28 inches, for example, the door would swing in approximately 45 degrees. Although most people could enter in this space, we don’t recommend it. Additionally, if your water control is on the hinge side of the door, it may be difficult to access your controls.


Below you will find Technical drawings on each of the four base models. These drawings will assist in identifying drain center locations on each of the base models.


Below you will find technical information about the Encompass shower bases. Please download documents of interest and feel free to call us with questions or to request any additional information.
Encompass Bases are Patented Products, Patent No 10, 165, 905, B2 and No. US D792, 954 S

  If you need any installation information, please contact us or call 303-798-5547.