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Please provide the actual WIDTH and DEPTH of your base, we will construct your base to be 1/8” less in WIDTH and DEPTH for ease of installation.

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Bring two walls of glass into your shower configuration to create an open-format space that is as elegant as it is easy to access. Our glass slide ledge base can incorporate a full glass side, adjacent to the shower door or front glass panel without the need for a half wall.

  • Glass ledge can be on left or right sides
  • Designed for a front glass panel to transition to top center of ledge then second glass panel returns on center to rear wall
  • Drain is centered between side wall of base to inside portion of the base glass ledge
  • Verify that base drain center location will not interfere with floor joist before ordering. Base drain can be moved left or right of center, specify when ordering
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Our Remarkable Glass Side Wall Curbless Shower

When you decide it’s time to upgrade your shower with an attractive and functional curbless shower base, you’ll be happy to hear that there are options to fit your existing layout or create an entirely new floor plan.  If you’re working with a two-wall setup, the glass side wall shower base from Encompass Shower Bases offers the ideal solution, as it is designed to support glass in the front, as well as the left or right side, depending on your configuration.

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We’re pleased to offer the flexible solutions that ensure you find the perfect options for your bathroom remodel.  All you have to do is measure the width and depth of your shower space, choose a side for the glass wall, determine if the center drain needs to be offset for an obstruction, and choose your favorite hue from our standard colors or an extensive palette of over 100 custom colors.  From there, we’ll take over, creating a custom shower base to fit precisely in your space and suit your personal aesthetic.

Customizing your Glass Side Wall Shower

While some shower bases come only in standard sizes, Encompass Shower Bases offers the opportunity to customize your glass side wall curbless shower base to fit precisely in an existing layout, or if you decide to expand the size of your shower, the ability to size up to 90”x42” shower base.  You can also choose whether your glass side wall is oriented on the right or the left of the curbless entry, and the glass will be custom fit to your current or planned bathroom layout.

Although a central drain output is standard within the linear drain channel, you also have the option to shift it to the right or left in order to accommodate existing plumbing, floor joists, or other potential underfloor obstructions.  We don’t want you to bear the expense of relocating existing infrastructure – instead we provide an option allowing you to easily customize drainage output within the linear drain channel.

Once you’ve accounted for practical considerations, it’s time to have some fun selecting the color of your shower base, and you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.  We start by offering a limited range of our most popular hues, from Glacier-White, to Neutral-Concrete, to Carbon-Concrete, and more.  However, customers interested in DuPont Corian colors not listed are encouraged to contact Encompass Shower Bases to discuss special order colors.  With dozens of potential Corian colors to choose from, you’ll enjoy true personalization.

The Advantages of a Glass Side Wall Curbless Shower

Whether you’re replacing an outdated shower stall or bathtub, or you’re gutting your bathroom for a complete remodel, you’ll find there’s no shortage of reasons to consider installing a curbless shower base from Encompass Shower Bases.  For starters, not having a curb to step over creates a seamless appearance that opens your space and makes it more inviting.  Ask yourself this question, “why would I even consider a curbed shower base if I have the option to install a curbless design from Encompass Shower Bases?”, it’s a no brainer.

With a modern, open aesthetic, you can update your home with a sleek, high-end interior design that adds instant value.  Maximize your space and make the most of every available square foot.  When you replace a tub with a curbless entry shower base, once-cramped bathrooms become more functional and seem much larger.

Of course, you’ll also gain safety and convenience in the process.  DuPont Corian surfaces are non-porous, stain resistant, and easy to clean. When paired with a curbless entry, you’ll minimize slip and trip hazards and enhance safety for kids, pets, seniors, and handicapped members of your household.  If you’re looking to grow old in your home, a curbless shower base makes it easy.

Don’t forget, this modern addition to your home can help to boost resale value, as well.  Bathroom remodeling is among the best upgrades for return on investment.  With so many benefits inherent to this revolutionary advance in shower bases, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any reason not to upgrade to a glass side wall shower from Encompass Shower Bases.



The Benefits of Your DuPont Corian Glass Side Wall Shower Base

At Encompass Shower Bases, our goal is to deliver beauty, utility, and safety with every curbless shower base.  This starts with a single, seamless, solid surface in attractive and durable DuPont Corian material.  Simple and elegant, your shower base delivers the function you expect, with a built-in linear drain that efficiently evacuates the water from your shower.  The surface is also stain resistant and easy to clean, especially with no seams or grout to scrub.

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In terms of safety, you’re sure to love the curbless entry, which eliminates the tripping hazard inherent to traditional shower stalls and makes our product accessible to everyone.  In addition, the 2% single slope design allows for better balance and surer footing when standing in the shower, as well as optimal drainage to prevent clogs.  Our curbless shower bases are ADA compatible.

  • Corian surfaces are non-porous and have been tested to meet industry standard slip tests. If you’re familiar with popular Corian countertops, you already know how incredible this resilient surface is.  Now you can gain the same benefits with a shower base that will last for years.



The Encompass Shower Bases Guarantee

At Encompass Shower Bases, we stand behind our products by offering a residential 3-year warranty or a commercial 1-year warranty on every glass side wall shower base.  We know you’re going to love our innovative designs and options for customization.


Our 2-wall shower base has a front linear drain and a small side ledge for glass, which can be placed on either the left or right side of the base. This added flexibility allows our glass side ledge base to be used in nearly any space and to create possibilities in ways that a standard base cannot.

Configure Your Custom Base

Follow the guided order configuration process to design, customize, and get a quote for the shower base that will become the focal point of your bathroom. Get started today with rough in measurements and after the shower area is demolished to the studs, precise measurements will be required prior to final pricing and ordering.

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