Custom Front Wall

Open the Possibilities with Our Custom Front Wall Shower Base
Bring elegance and utility to your bathroom with a custom base for showers with a partial front wall and door layout. Whether you’re planning on a glass or solid wall, our base gives you the flexibility to create a shower that opens up the design possibilities for your space.

Custom Front Wall Shower Base

Our custom front wall shower floor is often paired with a tub or vanity perpendicular to the shower to create a truly unique feel that’s as easy to use and it is beautiful. The front linear drain extends over the entire width of the base and has a front apron if a door is used at the access area. Adding a seat at the far end of the shower is an added detail for comfort and ease of use.

Important: This worksheet is for cost estimating purposes only. 
Precise stud-to-stud measurements will be required prior to final pricing and before ordering your Encompass Shower Base. 

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